Optimising Care For Patients With High-Risk AML – BSH Symposia 2021

Dr Amit Patel chairs the panel alongside Prof. Thomas Cluzeau and Dr Sree Munisamy. In the Symposium, Dr Patel will define high-risk AML, while providing a background to the breakthrough trials of Vyxeos Liposomal. Prof. Cluzeau presents the case study of a 69-year-old French woman, in addition to describing the real-world evidence of Vyxeos Liposomal in French and Italian centres. Finally, Dr Munisamy will review the Q-TWiST (QoL) study in the context of the case study of a 69-year-old British woman who contracted COVID-19 during the course of her treatment.

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Topics: Cytogenetics Quality of Life Real-world Data Safety Vyxeos Liposomal Data


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UK-VYX-2100137 | July 2021